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MAC Brushes Discount

MAC brushes designed for easy carrying, gently applied to maintain a perfect image at any time. Use dipped into the right amount of blush, face the middle along the contour of cheeks to brush lightly on both sides.
Very recommended, because the Mac Brush Set design is very convenient to carry, discount mac brush the texture is very soft, very flexible, and do not harm the skin, very soft, round curvature of right. Brush bar is a classic black, but also demonstrates her gorgeous noble ~ comfortable, wool give you supreme enjoyment, soft, dip in flour and strong to protect your delicate face. These brushes can be a ladies instantly beautiful tool. MAC 209# eyeliner brush, suitable to grasp the thickness of the eyeliner.
MAC 219# white goat hair brush head suitable for blooming eyeliner, eye-head lit and end of eye to increase the color, and deliberately had to spend it.
The MAC 239#, white goat hair brush head, wool is very soft, flexible, very good. Suitable for used for rendering. Each eye makeup will use a brush.
MAC 217# cone-shaped brush blooming, blooming border, smoked essential brushes, natural transition border color.
The MAC 1817# large eye shadow brush, suitable for a large area color, blooming.
MAC 190 # foundation brush, the bristles are very soft, well-proportioned color, can provide better cover.
The MAC 109# small contour brush soft and flat head brushes, more than 187# color (blush) color is more accurate, can also be used to fight high light, but also do foundation brush, in short, is the multi-purpose brush!
The MAC 187# Universal cheap mac brush. Goat hair and synthetic hair mixed bristles, NARS blush ladies of a certain necessary amount of chalking is just right. The Almighty is that it can be a foundation brush, loose paint, high light brush, trimming brush, many people use the Brush Foundation, the effect is great!